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Saturday, July 14, Private Event (range closed @ noon)

Saturday, July 28, Private Event (range closed @ noon)

Saturday, August 4, Work Day set up for Corn Roast

Sunday, August 5, Free Corn Roast & Merchandise Trap Shoot + a 50 bird 16yd event

RIFLE RANGE is closed for events including the above listed dates, unless it is required for the event.

Monthly meeting is scheduled second Wednesday of every month @ 7pm.

Take part in your club's events!


If you are coming out here to shoot the place up and disrespect private property then don't bother coming, your not welcome!!!!! To the shooters that know what it means to have a place to shoot, please shoot safely and pick up when your done. Thank You.

If you are shooting past these posted times you are trespassing and subject to prosecution under the law.

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